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ReBecca is an expert in her field raising the standards of wedding, portrait & fine art photography so you can enjoy timeless, high-quality photographs today and for generations to come. Her 20+ years of experience shows in her outstanding work.


F U N  S T U F F

interior design junkie. dog mom. singer. grad student. old camera collector. nature lover. chocolate addict.



I'm an artist who uses a camera to create my work photographing weddings, portraits, and creating fine art photography for your home or office. ReBecca's Photography was officially established in 1999. Currently, I'm working towards earning a Master of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communication through Marist College.

Describing my subjects, is kind of like describing myself, a person who’s looking for something unique and of high-quality, who goes with the flow, and who’s not afraid to explore the road less taken. Weddings are what I spend most of my time capturing and I’ve photographed over 600 of them since 1999. 

You'd be amazed at the beauty in obscure things and I enjoy photographing anything that has a hidden story to tell or capturing the beauty in everyday objects or scenery. My Fine Art work is about what moves me, and hopefully, the images will move you too.

Capturing images in real-time that are genuine, romantic and beautiful was my motivation for choosing this profession. As a visual artist I document impromptu, story-telling images currently using digital photography as my medium. Developing a personal connection with all of my clients is vital to me whether photographing an elaborate wedding or a simple portrait. All of my portrait and wedding photographs are a collaboration of my clients' uniqueness and my creative perspective, thus producing an original piece of "artwork."